Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy night last night!

Yesterday was fun!Mom, Krista , Ellen and Kristen came to my place just to hang out. We had alot of fun. Those girls are great! Last night my platelets hit low so I did have a platelet infusion. Not bad, no big deal. My blood pressure was 80/50 so they freaked out a little. I told them not to be concerned, but they got all doctorie on me and watched me close for awhile. I guess they know more than I do!HAHA! Tim will post some pictures tonight. Take care!

Neutrophil/ White blood count/ platelet
7/29 /too low to count/.03/ 9

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Jenny W said...

KATHY!!!! You let those doctors take care of you! No more of this low blood pressure nonsense! Did they tell you whose platlettes you got? Not that it matters but it would be fun to know. You just relax and heal so you can come home ASAP!