Friday, December 12, 2008


Well it has been almost 6 months since the chemo and I am still feeling great. I went to see my wonderful doctors yesterday with my mom. I met with dr. stewart and he tested my cognitive thinking and he said that I got 50 of the questions right when most people get 40. It is just about time I passed that test. I also saw Dr. Tawalli and Dr. Stefoski as well as Melinda. They all were happy to see how well I was doing and it was great to see them. I did have a MRI last week and Dr. Tawalli gave me the great news that none of my lesions are active and there is still the same amount. I had to ask her(even know I knew the answer) if she was sure that I have MS and she said the 25 lesions on my brain pretty much confirmed it. I just still am amazed that I felt like crap and now I feel great.

Merry Christmas!

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madiche said...

This is wonderful news... Karen says you have been a great role model for others wanting to go through the treatment. It's great that you have had such success and that you can help others. You should be proud of yourself!