Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bald is beautiful RIGHT!

My hair started falling out last night so my wonderful mom and sister are shaving it all off today. I cried to Tim for a few minutes and then realized I knew this was part of the deal so whatever. Besides I have beautiful and fun scarfs that you all have given me to wear. Hey I might even start a new trend, you never know. I will put some pictures on the blog for all of your viewing pleasure. My counts are still low but they expect them to rise soon. This is definitely teaching me to be patient. Have a great day!

Soon to be bald,

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed my hair does not come back thicker and curler. I have had a afro long enough!


marjorie said...

Hello, Kathy! Just so you know, you are beautiful with or without hair! Those scarves you have will frame your beautiful face perfectly, so don't worry about that! We have been praying for you and let us know if you need anything! We love you!

em said...

Hi Kathy!
How are you doing?
My mom said you have a blog spot, and i couldn't wait to leave a comment! i like all this kind of stuff.
Well, I read my mom's comment below, and i have to say the same as her. You are beautiful. You have a wonderful personality that is able to make jokes in light of any situation. Since i have known you, you seek positive and are always smiling. :)
So, now that you won't have hair, this just means you can go to the WIG store. I have some great news. I've been looking around and noticed that there are a lot of these places around. You can get updos, curly long hair, short straight hair...whatever you want! How fun would that be!
i hope i make you laugh today while reading this :)

i love you,

Neal said...

Hi, Kathy. Aunt Mary forwarded your blog to us, so just wanted to express our love and support to you. Hang in there. And remember that hair is overrated, as your dad can attest!

Neal and Deanna Lulofs

Kristen said...

We love you kath!!

Jenny W said...

Those pictures of Ryan are priceless! What a sweetie! Bald is beautiful and I bet you are looking like one hot chickie poo! I can't wait to see you! We love you!

kaths sis said...

Hey Kath! Just had to get my 2 cents in and say you look beautiful! I haven't seen your eyes so blue and bright as they were yesterday. You're doing great girl and you'll be home cooking up a storm in no time! We love you sooooooo much! Dave Karen Collin & Becca

Nicholey said...

Just remember it's easy maintenance now.. Think of all the money you are saving on shampoo and conditioner!! Love reading your blog, thanks for keeping us updated!! Miss you and hope to see you soon!! :-)

Syl said...

Hi Kath! You will look Beautiful w/ or w/out hair!! Love you!

Debi said...

Hi Kathy,

I agree with everyone else. You look great!!! You definitely get away with looking good with no hair. I especially like the DMB. At least you can't complain about having a bad hair day :) Keep hanging in there.


Debi, Jim, & Gavin

alenart1 said...

I have always thought bald is beautiful ;) I know Kristen thinks so too. It doesn't hurt to have a nicely shaped head.