Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great to be home!

Hello All! sorry for the long time since I have checked in! I am just getting adjusted at home. Everything is good. I had a couple days of sore legs. The pain was from not using my legs as much. I guess walking around the hospital unit was not enough. I do not care about the pain as long as it is not MS pain and I am happy to report it is not! Yeah! I had some pretty vivid dreams from coming down off the morphine. My favorite dream was traveling to Germany with the girls from sex in the city and also the cutest old lady. Boy we had a time! I over did on Monday and went to work for 4 hours. What was I thinking! It is just like me to think I can do anything. I have had alot of fatigue since, but my doctors had me do some blood work and the results so far are fine. As far as MS goes I am feeling fine and really have not had any MS symptoms and as far as the cognitive thinking it may be getting better. I mean I have not forgotten how I have gotten somewhere or what I was doing there. I am not kidding it has happened. So all is looking positive!

Here is a little fun fact about the chemo I had. My immune system was wiped out so much that I have the immunity of a new born baby. I will have to get re vaccinated in 1 year for chicken pox, measles, hepatitis and all those good things. I am also more susceptible to get a cold or really anything I have had In the past. So needless to say I have to play it safe.

I have been contacted by many MSer's that are interested in this treatment and I think that is wonderful. I like helping. If anyone is reading this blog and has any questions please contact me by

My next appointment with my doctor is in 3 weeks. I will keep you updated and constantly check the blog!

Thank you all again for everything, I could not have done it without you.



madiche said...

I'm glad to hear you won't be getting lost anymore! Boy, this has been an interesting ride... I think you should submit this to Grey's Anatomy for an episode idea! Maybe they could write you in! I'd have to come with of course! I'm glad to hear things are still going well and that you feel good enough to even think about going into work! You're a strong mamma! Keep well!

Chris & Chenell said...

I just had Carpel Tunnel and was around a sicko in the doctors office. Your new immune system is in really good shape so don't be to anti...I didn't wear a mask on a full plane to MD in June and I was fine.

Your best bet is to stay away from little kids, large crowds, and wear a mask during flu season. I believe you will be allowed to receive a flu shot so the mask may not be important. Hand sanitizer is a must!

Wait until you get to around 6 months...I can almost "feel" stuff refiring.