Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here is to catch you all up!

Sorry I have not written in a few days. Things have gone so fast. I was pretty sick with the bone pain and they kept me well doped up on morphine. Come to find out all the bone pain was for a good reason. My bone marrow was producing so fast and that is what was causing all the pain and in return my neutrophil #s were bouncing back high and because it was working so well they stopped my neupogen shots. My #s continued to get higher Monday and then my wonderful doctors said i could go home. I can't tell you how stinkin shocked I was. I couldn't believe it. My sister came to the hospital Monday morning to confirm I was not losing my mind and sure enough she heard it to. The doctors and nurses told me all the precautions I needed to take at home and the surgeon came and took out my triple leumen line. By then Tim was there to take me home. We made a quick stop to see my friend Tracy who was donating platelets and then we were on our way! My sister had left before Tim got there to pick up Collin and Becca and then Ryan from school. They had decorated the house and by the way it was super clean( thank you Mom, Jody, Beth and Tim). My sister dropped off Ryan and It was so great to see him. I couldn't stop hugging him! I hugged Collin and Becca and then Ryan, Tim and I went down stairs and snuggled on the couch. This is something we have been talking about for 3 weeks. Our house has changed as far as washing hands more and no lip kisses. I finally have gotten my own bathroom and Tim is disinfecting everything. This blog is not over I plan on updating it as my progress continues. I can say I think I can tell the difference. That might be just wishful thinking but who cares. My future MRI's won't lie. Thank you all for your warm thoughts and prayers. I know in my heart that it definitely helped my experience. I am very blessed with thoughtful , loving people in my life. I love you all!


The very important #s
Neutrophils/ White blood count/ Platelets
8/03 0.30(3000)/3.78/25
8/04 0.80(8000)/11.68/48


AMPARKER said...

I'm soooooo happy you are home Kathy! I heard the news from Chris. I will be calling you tonight for sure. I hope you are feeling better and we will catch up for sure.
I'm so proud of you Kathy - you are an inspiration to all!!!!!!


Sylvia said...

Yeahhhyyyyaaa - I am soo glad you are doing better Kath... call me when you feel up to it ;-)

BTW, cute pix of the boys - ha ha love the shaved heads!

Jimbo T Elephant said...


My fiance did this at Hopkins in April/May.

her MRI shows no enhancing lesions and a reduction in size of all the others, she feels so much better too!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be amazed.

Chris said...

Hi Kathy,
I did the HiCy treatment at Hopkins about three weeks ago. I'm at home and feeling great. Good luck with the rehab. I can tell you that physical Therapy helps allot.

MS be gone!!!

Chris S.