Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just some updates!

Well this week I have worked more than I have since the chemo and I am tired but not MS tired . I know that sounds strange but there is a difference . with ms you hit a wall and have no choice but to sleep for hours and now I am just tired and a nap is a added bonus. But don't worry for now I am taking the naps I need. As far as a wig goes I believe it will be covered mostly by my insurance. I will find out what the allowed amount will be when they mail me a letter( I hope alot wigs are not cheap). I found this out after a hour on the phone with my insurance. I also found out that physical therapy is also covered. This is a good thing since my strength is not so good. I tried to have a night with friends last night and I can not party like a rock star yet but soon! I still am thinking positive and truly believe this chemo stuff is well worth it! A good Friend gave me a beautiful plaque saying NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Good saying don't you think!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lady - :-) Glad you are doing well. You look lovely!