Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 years and going strong!!!

I am sitting here at my computer reading what I went through 2 years ago and I still am happy to say that it was all worth it! MS really can be horrible and to say that I have had 2 great years! 2 years of NOT having any symptoms of MS is really just unbelievable to me! I look at everyday as a gift!

On my birthday I celebrated by going to Rush for my 2 year check up! What a great birthday present to hear that my MRI has not changed since 6 months ago and that I do not have to start any medication! The doctor actually said to me that the longer i have no symptoms, decreases my chances of having any symptoms in the future! I just can"t believe it.

I still think everyday that I had such great support from family and friends! I promise that I will not forget that EVER! Thank You , Thank You, Thank You!

I have been contacted by many men and women that are suffering from this horrible disease. I am aware that maybe that this treatment is not for everyone but I promise that I will continue to help as much as I can. I will NEVER forget the pain and agony that MS causes.

OK before I start getting to emotional, Thank You again and here's to more MS Free wonderful years! Keep your fingers crossed!

Kathy XOXO

Monday, December 7, 2009

Long awaited update!

Hello Everyone!
Let me start by apologizing for the long time since my last update!

I am so happy to say that I am doing great! My most recent MRI was compared to my MRI 1 year ago and actually said that the there is no active lesions( Which i could of told them that) and the "white matter" or scaring on my brain has lessened in size! I didn't even know that could happen. That means that the damage that MS has done to my brain is getting better! I also am done with my first round of immunizations! I swear that was worse than the chemo. I now have the immune system of a teenager! HAHA!

Physically I am a different person! From all of my hormone changes I have gained some weight, but I am working out with my father almost every other day! It really feels great! I am doing exercises that I was never able to do! The best part is that I can push myself and not pay for it for days!

One of the worst things from the chemo was worrying that the MS would come back! I would feel a twing or stubble my words and worry that a big lesion was growing on my brain. Come to find out that if you sit on your foot it falls asleep and if you have a few drinks you stubble your words! Who knew?I am happy to say that I do not worry about that as much anymore, if at all!

Ok! The popular question is how is you hair! I am getting use4 to it! I don't look like orphan Annie as much any more! I have become use to the curls. It is still pretty short compared to my old hair but it is growing everyday!

I think everyday about the support that I had while I was in the hospital and when I came home! I will never forget that!

Love Kathy

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well it has been almost 6 months since the chemo and I am still feeling great. I went to see my wonderful doctors yesterday with my mom. I met with dr. stewart and he tested my cognitive thinking and he said that I got 50 of the questions right when most people get 40. It is just about time I passed that test. I also saw Dr. Tawalli and Dr. Stefoski as well as Melinda. They all were happy to see how well I was doing and it was great to see them. I did have a MRI last week and Dr. Tawalli gave me the great news that none of my lesions are active and there is still the same amount. I had to ask her(even know I knew the answer) if she was sure that I have MS and she said the 25 lesions on my brain pretty much confirmed it. I just still am amazed that I felt like crap and now I feel great.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I had my first MRI today since the chemo. They were nice enough to give me a cd of all the MRI's and so of course Tim and I had to look at them. As far as we can tell(you know since we are both doctors) everything looks good. I have a appointment on Thursday with Dr. Tawalli and she will tell us for sure if my brain looks as good as my body feels. I will post my MRI scans so everyone can play doctor.Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got a A+!!!!!

Hello everyone!
I went to the doctor on Thursday and I passed all of my tests with flying colors. I thought I was good last time but this time I am happy to say I Rocked!! I still can't believe how lucky I am to be doing so good. I will have my MRI in December and that hopefully will show medical evidence that the chemo did work. I can not wait. It's the first time ever that I am excited to have a 2 day MRI. HAHA! Dr. Tawalli suggested a few more vitamins and warned me about the flu and then said see you in January. I can not believe it, that will be the longest that I have not had to call the doctor. In my mind , my 3 month mark was my beautiful cousin Amanda's wedding and it was this weekend. We had so much fun and I lasted all night. It's the first time I danced all night in a long time. We really enjoyed the congo line with my Aunt Mary and getting jiggy with all the cousins. Great wedding!!!

I have been in contact with many other people that have been interested in this treatment and some of them are starting treatment soon. I wish them all the best. I know they will do great!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is good!

Just another update. I do not want to jinks it but I am feeling good, Dam good. I am working a normal 4 days and doing physical therapy. It actually feels good to be normal. I just pray that it continues. I have a good feeling that it will. I get tired but normal tired. I get numbness in my feet but it is because I was sitting on my feet. Strange but that has never happen to me, atleast that I could feel. My hair is growing back slowly. I have peach fuzz , just like a baby. I actually was able to do the treadmill at physical therapy with weights. More important I did not have to sleep for 2 days after it. My cousins wedding is coming up and I plan to dance my booty off. Well again I do not want to jinks it but......Life is good!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holly Hot Flashes!

Well I am officially in menopause! Sorry if that was TMI! Hot Flashes are really not that fun. On the bright side they always keep my checks rosy. Seriously they are not that bad thanks to Mr. Hormone. I have to take more calcium and vitamin d to control bone loss. I have a long time to use these bones. Physical therapy is going great and I am happy to say that I have some peach fuzz growing on my head! YEAH! I still am looking forward to my new wig. After these few cold nights I realized that winter will be pretty cold with out one. Do not worry I still plan on wearing my scarfs. I really like not having to do my hair. I still think that feeling this good is just a dream. I did get my first cold and it is nothing!Well I hope you all are doing fine!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today I went for my first follow up since the chemo and passed all the test with flying colors. They always do the same tests on me. These test are physical and cognitive. My wonderful doctor first checks me by sticking a sharp pin in my leg and It really hurt. I never really felt it before. I almost busted out in tears but I wanted her to test me more. I just continued to kick a**! It has been a very long time since I was able to do that well.As far as the cognitive test I even was able to pass the math part and I defiantly was not good at that. Whether that was MS or not I am not sure. HAHA! My doctor said she was impressed and shocked that I have not needed to take all of my medication. I also showed all of my blood work and she said that they were all good, just a little anemic, that will get better in the future to. My only complaints to her were that I wish I could have done this long time ago. I did mention that I have been having hot flashes and she wants me to get my hormones checked to see if I am going threw menopause. Do not worry I knew this may happen. Tim and I have our love Ryan and we feel very blessed to have him. Because of the Chemo he has a better mom. After my visit with Dr. Tawalli my mom and I went to visit my old nurses at the hospital. It was great to see them all and I told them that they made a big difference in my treatment. The really are wonderful people! Since I left they have done 5 more MS patients and are expecting alot more. the next step for me is to continue Physical therapy and try to get my energy back more. I can not explain how lucky I feel. Even if this treatment does not last forever I am so thankful for the way I feel now. I enjoy every ache and pain I have from physical therapy. These pains are not that bad when you don't have MS symptoms along with them. I like having normal aches and pains. My physical therapist and staff rock and that helps alot. Work is getting easier everyday and the fatigue is getting better to. I know for sure that all the support I have received from everyone has really gotten me threw all of this and for that I am very thankful.


Monday, August 25, 2008

WOW I feel Loved!!!!!!

On Sunday, My sister in laws, niece and sister held a dog wash benefit for me and it was a hit! I am at a loss for words for everyone's warm wishes and donations. It was amazing how many people were there. People I have never even met had opened their hearts and had their dog washed all to help me recover. Not to mention family and friends washing all those dogs. It was truly unbelievable and to all that helped and donated you are amazing! There are no words to describe how thankful we are! Because of all of you, my recovery will be that less stressful. Tim, Ryan and I love you all!

Today I started Physical Therapy to get some strength back. I am starting my goal small. First I would like to play with Ryan without needing a nap afterwards. After that my goal is to run a marathon (Nothing like setting your hopes high).

Thanks again to all that helped and donated on Sunday. Kiss those cute dogs for me!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just some updates!

Well this week I have worked more than I have since the chemo and I am tired but not MS tired . I know that sounds strange but there is a difference . with ms you hit a wall and have no choice but to sleep for hours and now I am just tired and a nap is a added bonus. But don't worry for now I am taking the naps I need. As far as a wig goes I believe it will be covered mostly by my insurance. I will find out what the allowed amount will be when they mail me a letter( I hope alot wigs are not cheap). I found this out after a hour on the phone with my insurance. I also found out that physical therapy is also covered. This is a good thing since my strength is not so good. I tried to have a night with friends last night and I can not party like a rock star yet but soon! I still am thinking positive and truly believe this chemo stuff is well worth it! A good Friend gave me a beautiful plaque saying NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Good saying don't you think!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

every day a little better!

Yesterday 7 1/2 hours but only 4 today. I had to go home because I was to pooped to pop. But still I think that is not to bad. I will try again tomorrow. I checked out some wigs today and I am thinking some of them were good. I just need to check with my insurance. If my insurance asked I am getting a cranial prosthesis. Isn't that funny. I have been told that they may pay. I will let you know. I had some labs drawn and everything is looking good. No infection so that is good. Knock on wood!

Monday, August 18, 2008

5 1/2 hrs.

5 1/2 Hrs. today at work. I have to say it was tiring but still not like MS tired. It did feel good to get back to work. It is nice to be back to norm. I will try again tomorrow, but still take it slow.