Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 years and going strong!!!

I am sitting here at my computer reading what I went through 2 years ago and I still am happy to say that it was all worth it! MS really can be horrible and to say that I have had 2 great years! 2 years of NOT having any symptoms of MS is really just unbelievable to me! I look at everyday as a gift!

On my birthday I celebrated by going to Rush for my 2 year check up! What a great birthday present to hear that my MRI has not changed since 6 months ago and that I do not have to start any medication! The doctor actually said to me that the longer i have no symptoms, decreases my chances of having any symptoms in the future! I just can"t believe it.

I still think everyday that I had such great support from family and friends! I promise that I will not forget that EVER! Thank You , Thank You, Thank You!

I have been contacted by many men and women that are suffering from this horrible disease. I am aware that maybe that this treatment is not for everyone but I promise that I will continue to help as much as I can. I will NEVER forget the pain and agony that MS causes.

OK before I start getting to emotional, Thank You again and here's to more MS Free wonderful years! Keep your fingers crossed!

Kathy XOXO


Corrie said... are an amazing woman. I can't believe it has been 2 years already. Kepep up the great work, Rockstar.

Raceya said...

AWESOME!!! I'm in the healing process, but looking forward to my check ups and living my life! Congrats on 2 years!!!

Caroline Merkelz said...

That is terrific news, Kathy! You are an inspiration to so many people. Wishing you many years of good results :-)