Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today I went for my first follow up since the chemo and passed all the test with flying colors. They always do the same tests on me. These test are physical and cognitive. My wonderful doctor first checks me by sticking a sharp pin in my leg and It really hurt. I never really felt it before. I almost busted out in tears but I wanted her to test me more. I just continued to kick a**! It has been a very long time since I was able to do that well.As far as the cognitive test I even was able to pass the math part and I defiantly was not good at that. Whether that was MS or not I am not sure. HAHA! My doctor said she was impressed and shocked that I have not needed to take all of my medication. I also showed all of my blood work and she said that they were all good, just a little anemic, that will get better in the future to. My only complaints to her were that I wish I could have done this long time ago. I did mention that I have been having hot flashes and she wants me to get my hormones checked to see if I am going threw menopause. Do not worry I knew this may happen. Tim and I have our love Ryan and we feel very blessed to have him. Because of the Chemo he has a better mom. After my visit with Dr. Tawalli my mom and I went to visit my old nurses at the hospital. It was great to see them all and I told them that they made a big difference in my treatment. The really are wonderful people! Since I left they have done 5 more MS patients and are expecting alot more. the next step for me is to continue Physical therapy and try to get my energy back more. I can not explain how lucky I feel. Even if this treatment does not last forever I am so thankful for the way I feel now. I enjoy every ache and pain I have from physical therapy. These pains are not that bad when you don't have MS symptoms along with them. I like having normal aches and pains. My physical therapist and staff rock and that helps alot. Work is getting easier everyday and the fatigue is getting better to. I know for sure that all the support I have received from everyone has really gotten me threw all of this and for that I am very thankful.



Anonymous said...

Such great news Kathy! Love you!!! Muah!

Jen said...

Hey Kathy. Jen Hudon here (fellow Goddard mommy). So glad to hear you are doing so well! I missed your smiling face at school. We'll have to do dinner sometime when you're up to it :)

Gretchen said...

Kathy - Congratulations on the great news! My sister-in-law (Jen) left Rush last week, and she is feeling great, too! I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well. Keep up the good work, we are all still praying for you. Take care! Gretchen Heininger