Friday, September 12, 2008

Holly Hot Flashes!

Well I am officially in menopause! Sorry if that was TMI! Hot Flashes are really not that fun. On the bright side they always keep my checks rosy. Seriously they are not that bad thanks to Mr. Hormone. I have to take more calcium and vitamin d to control bone loss. I have a long time to use these bones. Physical therapy is going great and I am happy to say that I have some peach fuzz growing on my head! YEAH! I still am looking forward to my new wig. After these few cold nights I realized that winter will be pretty cold with out one. Do not worry I still plan on wearing my scarfs. I really like not having to do my hair. I still think that feeling this good is just a dream. I did get my first cold and it is nothing!Well I hope you all are doing fine!

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Adrienne said...

Hey Kath!! Mom sent me the link to your site last week. I'm so glad she did because I had NO IDEA you went throught this! I love to read your are so upbeat & positive. I also love the pics...everyone looks great & Ryan is so big, since when is he old enough to be in school?? You are truely an inspiration and I hope you can help others who may benefit from this treatment. I check often for updates and look forward to them. I hope you continue to do so well post treatment!!
Love to you and the family,
Adrienne (DuBosky) Spitz