Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is good!

Just another update. I do not want to jinks it but I am feeling good, Dam good. I am working a normal 4 days and doing physical therapy. It actually feels good to be normal. I just pray that it continues. I have a good feeling that it will. I get tired but normal tired. I get numbness in my feet but it is because I was sitting on my feet. Strange but that has never happen to me, atleast that I could feel. My hair is growing back slowly. I have peach fuzz , just like a baby. I actually was able to do the treadmill at physical therapy with weights. More important I did not have to sleep for 2 days after it. My cousins wedding is coming up and I plan to dance my booty off. Well again I do not want to jinks it but......Life is good!

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